Child behaviour support - Dr Sam Littlemore

You may only need 60 minutes to chat through issues & strategies to make a difference with child behaviour problems. 

The earlier the intervention - the greater the opportunity for success. 

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Child Behaviour Support 

"Child behaviour issues that are often triggered by changes or challenges in the child's environment. I offer families support and strategies that encourage your child to learn to manage feelings and behaviour issues"

Dr Sam Littlemore (Ph.D., B.Sc., C.Psych., Dip. CBT., AFBPS., FRSA.)

Sam is a Child Psychologist, she has worked clinically in assessment and diagnosis of autism (ASD/C), trained staff and advised in over 4000 schools.  Sam has worked in court, run practices in Harley Street - London, Stafford and Manchester and was nominated and elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for her work with children. Sam is also a media psychologist.


*Please note that this is behaviour support and while it can work alongside, or in addition to, pre/post clinical assessment/intervention or diagnosis, it does not replace clinical support. 


Before we met Sam, my teenage son (diagnosed ASD), had totally shut down and was unable to attend school due to anxiety. Sam was able to engage with my son like no other professional. She was there for the whole family, and even at the lowest points she supported us all and helped us to remain positive.  My son is now much happier and attending school full time, and we are a much closer, more understanding family unit. Sam is a real life Nanny McPhee and I would recommend her to anyone whose children are struggling. (Mum of KS3 pupil) 

Sam has made such a difference to our lives. Our daughter has gone from multiple meltdowns to a child who can now assess a situation and incorporate strategies to deal with difficult situations. Our lives have been transformed through working as a family with Sam. (Father of teenage child.)  

Our daughter faced some behavioural problems after a bereavement and big changes in her life. Dr Sam built up an excellent relationship with our daughter right from the start. She used interesting methods which made the best of our daughter's own artistic abilities and was able to help her. When we needed to make changes, Dr Sam was wonderfully kind and flexible. If we think how our daughter was when she started working with Dr Sam, it is clear that the changes have been long term and effective. (Mother of a child in KS 2) 

"When we first met Sam the whole family was in need, for very different reasons. It soon became apparent from our first meeting that changes were to come from us all, as a family to make a real difference. We were given the tools, encouragement, guidance and faith that if we worked together we would see positive changes from our 6 year old, and for both of us as Mummy and Daddy but also not forgetting ourselves as individuals.

As a family we have been able to cope with the lows of parenthood and lavish in the highs but coming through the other side ready for the next day as if it was our first. We cannot thank Sam, or ‘Dr Sam the Ballerina’ as she is known in our house, enough for the support she has given the whole family and for making us see the brighter side of life.” (Natalie) 

"Dr Sam is really good and very nice. She has helped me get calmer, be less bad tempered and has helped me be more creative. The space where my anger was, has been replaced with creativeness and calmness. I think she will be very good with other people too." (Kat, age 7)